The Theatre

Websters has reopened as the city’s newest theatre, formerly the Lansdowne Parish Church, an A-listed Gothic Revival church built by John Honeyman in 1863. This is an exceptional building which is in need of a new life and restoration.   It is now taking on a new role in the West End offering a theatre space seating 182 people.

The name Websters was picked for the new theatre to pay homage to the designer of the church’s stained glass, Glasgow artist Alf Webster (1883-1915). Click here to view Alfred Webster stain glass at Websters.

Websters is being developed thanks to a small loan from the Architectural Heritage Fund.  Work started early in 2014 and continues creating its own momentum as other sources of funding support are found.  This has included a grant offer from Glasgow City Heritage Trust to repair some of the external features. The building is a very prominent and beautiful Glasgow landmark.

The project is being promoted by FACT THREE a registered charity set up by the trustees responsible for Cottiers Theatre, previously Dowanhill Church, also in the West End, a project that has been hugely successful.  Websters will be similar to Cottiers and the retention of the original church hall space will give it a very strong community focus.

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